At Charlesworth Business Growth Services we are keen to support local, scaling businesses wishing to accelerate their growth. We are looking for businesses and entrepreneurs that have built their business and now wish to implement a business model that supports their existing growth.

Our investment philosophy is to identify exciting Yorkshire-based businesses to partner with and drive forward. We want to remove the administrative burden on you, the entrepreneur, and enable you to focus on developing your business, product or service.

What we provide


We want to support early stage businesses in the Huddersfield area to grow make the next step. Investments can take place as both equity and short term loans. We would be happy to consider providing services for equity; giving you flexibility with your cash flow to speed up your business growth. More information is available at


If our investment options are not suitable we will endeavour to provide you with a solution to meet your funding requirements. Including asset finance, commercial property loans and invoice finance our offerings can help accelerate your growth plans. For more visit


We support businesses to grow with a variety of value added services. From strategic and marketing to design and technology, we can help you take your business to the next level. For more information please get in contact.

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