The Holy Cow! Food Company - Funding Support

Holy Cow! Is a modern, quirky brand which appeals to a wide British audience and excites consumers to try. We produce an award-winning range of Curry sauces and regionally authentic food. Our aim is to mainstream the currently untapped Market of 'home cooking' Style food. By producing Products that Set themselves apart from the rest in terms of packaging, taste and quality, Holy Cow! Aims to become a leading food brand in the UK as well as around the world.


Award Winning Sauces


We’ve won prestigious awards for our sauces. From ‘The Great Taste Awards’ in 2006, The Grocer Magazine’s ‘Best New Product Award’ in 2014 and 2015 and The Caterer’s ‘Product Excellence Award’ in December 2016!


Food for Education


Holy Cow! also have a partnership with the Government of India to help provide Free School Meals to India's urban poor. For every large pack of Holy Cow! Curry Sauce (250g) purchase, Holy Cow! will provide funding for one school meal, the Goverment of India will then match this funding. 


A free school meal also means that children are then more likely to stay in school, receive an education, and have better job prospects at the end of it. Case studies have shown than not only does the child benefit greatly, but their families can be pulled out of the poverty cycle in the long run.