Charlesworth Business Competition 2020

Win £5,000 CASH and specialist support to grow your business

The Competition

 After the great success of 2019 we're excited to be launching the competition of 2020.

Win £5,000 CASH and specialist support to grow your business

See here the benefits the people that submitted their applications for the competition have experienced, the benefits to themselves and their businesses through taking part in this process is explained below.

 Maureen Connor, Sung Aromatics – Joint winner

Maureen Conner Snug Aromatics joint winner Charlesworth Business Plan Competion 2019Difference winning the competition has made to my business:

Winning the Charlesworth competition has given me a massive amount of confidence in myself and my business model. It has also given me validation that Snug is on the right track. Also, with the expert support I am receiving, I am able to focus on what is important and therefore able to shape the business. The prize money has enabled me to branch out into body and bath products which I will be launching in Spring 2020.

Experience of the competition: I found the experience to be very positive from start to finish. What could have been a very daunting situation was enjoyable due to all the encouragement I received at every stage.

Why I would encourage others to enter: Entering the competition and putting together a business plan got me to really look at my business and I was pleasantly surprised how much my business had grown in just 12 months and that it was doing better than I thought. I had never really done this before, and I believe it is something every new business should do and continue to do. Although I am delighted to have won the competition, I feel that the support given to all those who entered was beneficial and Charlesworth offer ongoing business support to these organisations, which is of huge value. Along the way, I have also met some wonderful people and got to learn so much about Huddersfield based small businesses and it is reassuring to know that there are lots of people out there in the same boat as me……give it a go would be my advice.

Matthew Greaves, Drones on Demand – Joint winner

Matthew Greaves Drones On Demand joint winner Charlesworth Business Plan Competion 2019

I’m absolutely delighted to have been one of the winners of the Charlesworth Business Growth business plan completion. 

The grant will make a big difference – I’ll be using it to purchase a piece of survey equipment; I’m also looking forward to getting started with my new mentor – one of the fantastic support opportunities included in the prize!




Dan Couchman - Finalist

Entering the competition gave a me a real push to step outside my business and plan the next 5 years. The help and advice I received during and after the process has been priceless. It's been a great opportunity to get my business out there and meet like minded business people. I would recommend any business looking to gain clarity, grow or interested in outside investment to enter the competition! I found the whole process beneficial to my business and rewarding personally.

 Now open for submissions - Enter here!

The competition prize winner will be announced on the day of the presentations. The presentations will be arranged once we know more about the current situation.

If you have any quesions please contact Lindsay Jennings:

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