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An investor that puts you first

We are a Yorkshire based investment organisation. Following the sale of one of our global companies we are looking to invest in local enterprises.

Our model is simple. We want to invest in growing businesses in exciting areas with engagement management teams. To support this investment we have a team that can provide the business with current administrative services that allow you, the entrepreneur, to focus on what excites you - growing your business.

Through years of running multinational business we have built up experiences in:

— Scaling companies: Running 400 operations globally

— Entering new markets: Companies/representation in the UK, China, US, India, Ukraine and Russia

— Cross border transactions

Our initial engagement will be a deep-dive into your business to fully understand your business model and the associated risks. Once we’ve invested, our experts will sit down and run through your current business processes to identify efficiencies that can be made and potential services we could provide you with (should you wish to release administration work to us)

Our Team



Managing Director

Richard is responsible for the search and acquisition of companies for the business, and also seeks out and evaluates other investment opportunities. MBA qualified, Richard has experience in the IT industry working with major international providers as well as in overseas working, and specialises in strategy and analysis.




Helen is the Company Director, and the former CEO of Charlesworth Publishing Services Ltd. Helen is  HR qualified, and has experience in running a multi-national company as well as in international trading.



Financial Director

Simon also serves as the Financial Director of Charlesworth Publishing Services, and is ACCA qualified. He has experience in all areas of accountancy, ranging from simple bookkeeping & payroll up to budgeting & forecasting, as well as strategic financial planning.

Peter Sargent

Peter Sargent

Business Development Consultant

With vast experience at senior levels, business ownership and a passion for local business; Peter is focused on identifing businesses ready to scale to their next level. 


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If you have any queries please don`t hesitate tot get in contact with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Address: 250 Deighton Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1JJ

Phone: +44(0) 1484 506250

Email: info@charlesworthbgs.com

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